Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nightmare on Vlad Tepeş Street

Say hello to Vlad!
DA, that's where I live, Vlad Tepeş Street.  you know — "Vlad the Impaler" ... supposedly the inspiration for the story of Dracula.  Da.

So, let me tell you my real-life nightmare that happened this morning.  first of all and this is not the nightmare part — i woke up with the song "Silver Bells" playing in my head...!  it's still there, hours later, as i write this.

  The corner Santa Claus
    Is busy now because
      It's Christmas time in the city....

(If you feel like singing along with the real thing, please click here.)

And here comes the nightmare part.  you know how, sometimes, when you brag about something, then it's no longer the way it was...?  for instance, you brag about the food at your favorite restaurant, and you take a friend there to eat, and then the food is terrible that day!  well, yesterday (you may remember : ^ ) i was bragging here about Romanian tomatoes — how delicious and beautifully heart-shaped they are....

So ...  this morning i went out, walked across VladTepeş Street to the farmers' market (to buy tomatoes, among other things) ... and all the tomatoes had round bottoms — like American, pseudo tomatoes!!  i'm not kidding! i thought i was hallucinating!!  and, instead of the normal price (1 or 1.5 leu per kilo) these were 2.5 leu per kilo!

Holy Moley!! okay, so there are different varieties of Romanian tomatoes, and some of them happen to look like the American counterfeits.  even so, i didn't want to buy those round-bottomed things!  i kept looking until i found a few vendors who had the heart-shaped ones ... and i paid 2.5 for those!


Jo said...

If that is your worse nightmare, than I can only wish more sweet dreams.

db said...

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes !!*_*!!

amelie said...

1. In Romania, real tomatoes are very rare during the past years. All you buy are genetic modified tomatoes.
2. The real Romanian tomatoes are round not heart shaped. You still can find them in small villages far from the big cities or touristic routes.
3. Even so, the Romanian tomatoes are still better because the soil is not (yet) full of chemical products. But this will happen soon.
4. If you look for real vegetables you can find them in Ardeal where is a zone without genetically modified organisms due to a local law and also near Suceava.
5. Regarding prices: taking in consideration that Romania is a country that should obey to EU any reason is a good reason to raise prices. From weather to the war from Irak.
6. Fortunately we still resist! Probably Zamolxis let us more than we even imagine :)

db said...

Hmmm..... i have a hard time believing these little heart-shaped ones are genetically modified -- because they are soooo delicious, and because any kind of irregular shape like that is not one that appeals to the people who modify these things! i feel sure they would design something more round : ^ ) -- or, if possible, even cubical, for more efficient packing...! and because i have now heard from someone in the U.S. who found heirloom tomatoes there, with the same heart-shape....